Campus Directory | Staff

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Abreu Tineo, Selina [email protected]
Educational Equity Academic Programming Coordinator
Gaige, 303 610-396-6247
Althouse, Melody [email protected]
Accounting Aide
Gaige Technology and Business Innovation Building, 319 610-396-6046
Jay Arcuri [email protected]
Interim Director, Student Affairs
Perkins Student Center, 6C 610-396-6072
Asbell, Stacy [email protected]
BK PT Sales Support, Housing & Food Services
Perkins, 106 610-396-6354
Joel Avram [email protected] Luerssen Science Building, 112 610-396-6299
Ashley Babiarz [email protected]
Support Specialist, Information Technology
Luerssen Science Building, 114
Warren Bair [email protected]
Coordinator, Campus Life
Perkins Student Center, 19 610-396-6069
Lisa Baldi [email protected] Janssen Office Building, 101 610-396-6054
Pradip Bandyopadhyay [email protected]
Division Head, Science Division
Professor, Physics
Luerssen Science Building, 101B
Amir Barakati [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Project Coordinator, The Learning Factory
Gaige Technology and Business Innovation Building, 224 610-396-6340
Dereka Bauscher [email protected]
Assistant Director, Programming
Perkins Student Center, 9C 610-396-6068
Rani Bhogal [email protected]
Administrative Support Assistant, Residence Life
Ivy House, 102D 610-396-6292
Colleen Bohn [email protected]
Medical Assistant, Health Services
Perkins Student Center, 8 610-396-6075
Gene Bollman [email protected]
Support Specialist, Information Technology
Luerssen Science Building, 114
Booth, Robert [email protected]
Food Service Janitorial Worker
Johnée C. Border [email protected]
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Perkins Student Center, 14E 610-396-6073
Samantha Bower [email protected] Janssen Office Building, 205 610-396-6287
Jessyca Brizek [email protected]
Academic Records and Graduation Coordinator, Registrar's Office
Franco Building, 125
Lanie Brunk [email protected]
Administrative Support Assistant, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Division
Administrative Support Assistant, Planning, Research and Assessment
Aurora Brunovsky [email protected]
Consultant, Human Resources
Peiffer Farmhouse, 204 610-285-5023